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About us

KCM Agencies emerged in the Greek Market as an independent legal entity, in 1982.

Upon the foundation of KCM Agencies, some nonnegotiable rules were established, dictated by the professional background and the experiences gained throughout long years in the international business transactions.

The number of the products and the Houses represented were self restricted to maneuverable size, while high degree of specialization was demanded. 

  • The exporters to Greece were properly informed on the advantages offered and the shortcomings occurring in the relative Food Market, through laborious market research information.
  • The importers were assisted to recognize the constant sales propositions, rejecting doubtful opportunism.
  • Strong relations were created with the Suppliers who accepted the role of “business partners” of the local importers.
  • Every brand was handled by a specific sole importer of optimum size. Accepting the “exclusivity in sales”, this sole importer, undertook the obligation to support the marketing aspects of the manufacturer in Greece.
  • New products were introduced in the Greek Market with great success.
  • Finally, the unanimous acceptance of a Business Code of Ethics facilitated the mutual understanding.

Of course, during these years our route was not always easy running, but obstacles, although costly, never diverse KCM Agencies from the objectives originally set.

Today we can proudly declare that the tasks and visions we all shared when establishing this enterprise become true. 


The KCM Agencies activities can be summarized presently as follows:


Our office represents exclusively, foreign, mostly European, internationally acknowledged  producers – manufacturers, specialized in the canned meat and fish products, in various types and sizes for the consuming public, through Super Markets/Cash & Carries and Catering.

Private Labels can also be produced, at customers’ request


The Greek agricultural segment offers unique export opportunities, due to the exclusive quality of the production and the constant addiction to the standards of the highly appreciated Mediterranean Diet.

Therefore the selection of the finest products for our exports is our target.

Thus, after thorough research, we are now acting as exclusive export agents of some of the very best Greek producers in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Olives, Wines originated from the famous Nemea Area, Thyme Honey from Aegean Islands mostly, traditionally distilled Greek Ouzo and Tsipouro, handmade Crackers kneaded with eight varieties of cereal grains.

In our entire range of export products, request for Private Label is welcome. 


KCM Agencies is equally supporting the well understood interests of the producers and the importers in the Greek and Foreign Markets.

Therefore the action proven knowledge of the Market Trends and Perspectives is of imperative significance. Thus the primary duty of our office is the decoding of the continuous challenges and reconciliations occurring in the field.

Generally, our actions in both the Imports and Exports can be summarized as follows:

  • Negotiations with the producers regarding the export prices, terms of payment, credibility control – insurances, in order to secure the alliance of the mutual sales effort with the Market “status quo”.
  • Follow up of the firmly booked order, starting from the production of goods till the final delivery to the customer. Customs clearance is included, if necessary.
  • Contact with the importers warehouses on regular basis regarding their current stock and in time preparation of new orders, considering the lead time of the factories, the advantageous shipping schedule, the customs clearance and delivery. 
  • Suggesting essential promotional efforts for branded goods.

Creation of eventual new private labels in accordance with EU legislation- directives.  

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