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During the last years, KCM Agencies responding to the new international market standards and trends, has developed a series of quality traditional Greek products, through valuable partnerships with experts in agricultural fields. Under the label FZIN (meaning balanced and healthy living), top quality products are carefully selected to meet high gastronomic expectations of overseas consumers. Combined loads (in 20ft container) of various products may be delivered worldwide.

Olive Oil & Olives

Extra Virgin Olive Oil of excellent flavor and extreme law acidity, from the region of Kalamata (South Greece). Large quantities are available during all over the year, coming in any packaging. Our product is produced under the label of FZIN, while customer’s private label is feasible. Visit www.fzin.gr and experience the combination of top quality products and high standards marketing.


From the famous land of Nemea, the most important region (AOC) in southern Greece for the production of red wines. Here the Agiorghitiko grape is used and produces wines famous for their deep red color, complex aroma and long, velvety palate. Also, a variety of top class white table wines is available.


The traditional Greek appetizer, a spirit of 40% alcohol at its best form. Originated from Alexandroupoli (North Greece), the distillery of Hatzopoulos (www.xatzopoulos.com) produces ouzo & tsipouro, using a combination of new technologies and old recipes, perfected at the beginning of last century.


Greek thyme (Thymus) honey has been well known since antiquity for its special aroma and flavour. The honey produced in Aegean Islands mostly, is regarded as the best Greek thyme honey. We are proud of representing more than 50 local producers, offering of 10 metric tones / year, of this superb product.


Handmade crackers, made with eight varieties of cereal grains, suitable for a balanced diet. Ideal for dips with salmon or with melted cheese, with olive pate etc. Also used as croutons in salad, with milk or in yogurt. Also a good choice as an accompaniment to drinks, parmesan, etc. Preservatives, colourings, flavour enhancers and other chemicals have no place in the products we offer. 

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