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For more than three decades KCM Agencies is focused on canned meat and fish products.
In spite of food packing evolution, the conserved food (in cans) is always considered as the most hygienic packing solution, providing very long self life, practically not affected by storing conditions.

Luncheon meat

Long lasting Pork, Turkey and Chicken Luncheon Meat, in various tin sizes and shapes, branded and/or private labels. Processed, pre-packaged meat, served sliced for use in sandwiches or salads. Mainly, Luncheon meat is manufactured in 200g, 340g or bigger sizes for catering purposes.


Pre-cooked skinless Frankfurters & Cocktail type, are produced as an extra delicacy, for hot dogs, appetizers, salads and sauces.

Corned Beef

A reliable product with thousands of funs in the international cuisine, with a lot of applications. Manufactured by EU Producers and South Americans, mostly private labels, in trapezoid tins with key opener and paper label, of 200g. and 340g.


Tuna are among the most commercially valuable fish on the planet, being a high nutritional value product, used widely every day, all over the world. Different species and sizes (yellowfin, skipjack) from Asia (Thailand) and Papua New Guinea. Produced in varying types: from fillets and chunks to flakes, or combined, in brine, olive oil or vegetable oil. The product is offered globally, in small family portions, as well as large catering sizes. Customers’ Private Labels are welcome.


Atlantic Sardines “Pilchardus”. Scientific studies have proved that the consumption of sardines provides the human body with the energy daily needed. With no fats added, this lean food of natural ingredients comes in aluminum, easy open tins, of various sizes and packing solutions. Also offered in piquant flavors, sauces and recipes. Top manufacturing houses from Portugal secure extra quality and reliability, either on branded or private label products.

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